What is Trail Mix, Inc.?

Trial Mix is a non-profit organization in Juneau, Alaska that brings together volunteers and local, state, and federal agencies to develop and maintain a trail system in the City & Borough of Juneau.

Trails in Juneau pass through lands that may be under the jurisdiction of several agencies:

  • Local City Parks & Recreation Department
  • Alaska State Parks & Outdoor Recreation
  • USDA Forest Service, Tongass National Forest

as well as some privately owned land. It takes cooperation among these agencies to plan, develop, and maintain trails for many types of users:
hikers     bikers     snowmobilers
ORVs     dog walkers     wheelchairs
horseback riders     sightseers     skiers

Trail Mix hires trail crews and negotiates contracts with the agencies to build and maintain trails. It also organizes volunteer work parties for the same purpose. It participates in the development of land use regulations associated with commercial and recreational trail use.


Visitors to Alaska come to explore Juneau’s rainforests, waterways, alpine meadows, and glaciers that make Southeast Alaska a destination of choice. Juneau’s trail system offers many different recreational opportunities for visitors. Independent travelers can use our trail guides and trip reports to choose a trail to match their time constraints and abilities. Guided hikes with naturalists are also available through guiding and tour companies.


Volunteer community members and agency representatives work together to develop trail plans that guide cooperative efforts on behalf of the trail system. A draft Juneau Trails Plan incorporates input from community members at public meetings, and then the revised Plan serves as a guide for seasonal projects and deployment of work crews.

Trail Mix is always involved in planning new trails and enhancements for existing trails. It welcomes suggestions for expanding the trail system and above all, counts on the enthusiasm and hard work of its members to turn plans into a mixed-use trail system.

While the agencies provide much of the funding for materials, supplies, and work crews, the ongoing operations of Trail Mix and funding for its Executive Director, Trail Crew Foreman, and Office Manager positions have to be supported by fundraising. The Trail Mix Board of Directors actively organizes fundraising activities and seeks grant support for its projects.


Juneau is a small urban center completely surrounded by wilderness. There are no roads out of Juneau to interior Alaskan communities. It takes only minutes on any of Juneau’s trails before you have opportunities to view wildlife and lose sight of human habitation. Hiking preparedness is especially important given the remote nature of Juneau’s trails and the varieties of terrain through which trails pass. Trail Mix educates new trail users about safety precautions and trail etiquette.